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Blade of God X (BOG X) is a cutting-edge 3A Action-RPG game with a dedicated fan base of 6 million. Our vision is to create an immersive universe that seamlessly combines action-packed gameplay with the captivating worlds of Norse mythology and the enigmatic Cthulhu Mythos. The game constructs a world that spans the four-dimensional space of spatial and temporal civilizations across the nine realms.

At the core of the game are the Soul Cores, a collection of hundreds of unique heroes. By strategically collecting and equipping these Soul Cores within skill chains, players can unleash awe-inspiring combinations, overcome formidable challenges, and progress through an immersive storyline.

To enhance the player experience, BOG X utilizes cutting-edge AI reinforcement learning technology, allowing players to possess their own distinct combat-style digital twin AI. This groundbreaking feature optimizes resource efficiency and enriches gameplay across various modes.BOG X has earned prestigious awards such as the 2023 HUAWEI AI CLOUD "Game Changer Awards" and the Innovation Breakthrough Award from Huawei HDC. These accolades highlight the game's innovation and industry impact.